Here you will find answers to the most important questions.


1) I can't log into my account because I can't remember my password.
Click on the "Forgot Password" option. If this button does not work, email us at contact@slotmarket.pl.

2. I am trying to register, but when I enter my email address, it displays the message: The email address you entered is already taken.
This message indicates that you have already registered an account on SlotMarket.com with this e-mail address. In this case please choose "login" instead of "register".

3. I am not from Poland and I have not been assigned a PESEL number. How can I pass the registration form?
You must choose a citizenship other than Polish, the system will allow you to go through the form without entering your PESEL number.

4.Can I create an account without being 18 years old?
Yes, for some competitions you can register without being 18 years old.

5.I can't enter my phone number.
Phone number must be entered in two fields. In the first field type the prefix EXT (for Polish numbers it is 48) and in the second field type your phone number.

6. I misspelled my email address / name etc.
Please write to faktury@slotmarket.pl to correct it.

7.I have given wrong delivery address.
To change address please write to contact@slotmarket.pl, because it has to be changed in event registration.



1.How can I pay for participation in the competition?
The fee should be paid through DotPay system, to which you will be redirected after completing and approving the registration form.

2. I started to fill in the form but I stopped in the middle. How can I complete the registration?
If the application is not completed with payment, it is not taken into account. You have to log in to your SlotMarket.com account (it was created during previous registration attempt) and go through the registration form once again.

3. Can I register my child/friend for the competition from my account?
Yes. Just remember that data of the account owner are automatically imported to the form and during the registration you have to delete them and enter data of the registered person. Otherwise you will register yourself.

4. I do not remember if I have paid for the race. How can I check if I am already on the list?
After logging in to SlotMarket.pl, select the Registation History tab. Here you will find your paid entries. When the status "Registered" is displayed next to the entry, it is correctly registered for the event. In case of "Cancelled" status your entry fee was not credited, if you want to clarify the situation write to contact@slotmarket.pl.

5. I have two statuses - "Cancelled" and "Registered", am I correctly registered for the competition?
The registration that has a record "Registered" is always valid.

6. I have been charged money from my account and my status is "Cancelled".
The fee has probably not been credited by DotPay and your money will return to your account within 5 business days. If the money is not returned to your account, please contact contact@slotmarket.pl.

7. I do not receive e-mails from SlotMarket.pl
First of all, check if emails do not fall into SPAM or Offers folder. Also add contact@slotmarket.pl to your trusted contacts.



1. How to purchase additional services?
Log in to your account, then go to the "Events" tab and select the event you are interested in. Then go to the "Services" tab in your event profile. 

2.I would like to extend my hotel reservation by e.g. one day.
Contact the organizer of the event.



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