Risk-free registration

Submitted by lukaszm on Fri, 03/12/2021 - 13:24
By registering for the Gran Fondo Series, you risk nothing. You have a guaranteed start regardless of the pandemic situation. If the restrictions prevent the organization of the race in 2021, you will automatically have the right to start in the next edition of the competition.
Gran Fondo Gdynia 2019

We would like you to know now what options will be available to you if the restrictions make it impossible to organize the event and the Gdynia race has to be canceled again.In such a situation - in accordance with this year's competition regulations - each registered competitor will be given two options:

  • free registration for the Gran Fondo Poznań 2021 race;
  • free registration for the Gran Fondo Gdynia 2022 race.

We consider the date of the competition in Poznań to be "safe" at the moment. However, if the race cannot be held, we will apply a similar solution, i.e. the possibility of being eligible for any edition of the Gran Fondo Series in the 2022 season.

Gran Fondo Gdynia 2019

We hope that the presented options will provide you with maximum flexibility, and above all - we strongly believe that this time we will all meet at a real racing - and in two cities!

Registration for the Gran Fondo Series competition will start on Monday, April 12, 2021, at 12:00 on the SlotMarket.pl platform.





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