Services: Insurance

Competitors signing up for the Gran Fondo Series competition have the option to purchase insurance products for athletes prepared by the EUROPA Insurance Company upon registration. The first is the cancellation insurance. It is intended for people who will buy a starter package for the competition well in advance. If, due to an injury or illness, they will have to give up competitions, insurance company will reimburse them up to 100 percent of costs. The second product that is available when registering for the Gran Fondo competition is accident insurance. It provides protection in the event of an accident, injury or other things during race.

Competitors can also take advantage of the extension of accident insurance with equipment insurance. This insurance covers the equipment necessary during the race - a bicycle and a helmet during the start and on the day of the race. The insured equipment must be the property of the insured and must not be older than 5 years on the day of the competition.

Attention! The above insurance can be purchased by competitors only at the time of registration for the competition. Detailed insurance conditions (including the GTC) can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate active link to the relevant documents when purchasing insurance.






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