Do you want to register for the Gran Fondo Series? Below you will find all the information!


Want to sign up for the Gran Fondo Series?

Easy peasy! Below you will find the links:

Gran Fondo Gdynia ->

Gran Fondo Poznań ->

Gran Fondo Family ->




Are you a participant of Gran Fondo Gdynia 2020? Great!

Before starting registration, we will send a message to your e-mail. It will contain a PLN 100 discount code that you can use in the registration process.

Very important! The code is only valid until April 31, 2021!

You don't have such message? Have you digged through spam and all the folders and emails you use?

Write to:


To use your code, you must use this registration link:



Team voucher



The voucher is for groups that will write to

The percentage of the voucher depends on the size of the group reported in one Competition:

5 - 9 people voucher value 5%
10 - 14 people voucher value 10%
15 - 19 people voucher value 15%
20 - 24 people voucher value 20%
25 and more voucher value 25%


The voucher is intended only for people who are not registered for the Gran Fondo Gdynia competition or the Gran Fondo Poznań competition

To use the voucher, you must register via the website:

Gran Fondo Gdynia -

Gran Fondo Poznań -



Below you will also find package prices!


Gran Fondo/Medio Fondo

first 250 starting kits 250zł
next 250 starting kits 260zł
next 250 starting kits     270zł
next 250 starting kits     280zł
next 250 starting kits     290zł
next 250 starting kits     300zł
next 250 starting kits     310zł
next 250 starting kits     320zł


Gran Fondo Family

first 250 starting kits     50zł
next 250 starting kits     60zł
next 250 starting kits     70zł
next 250 starting kits     80zł