Complete your Gran Fondo Series cycling outfit with shorts!

Submitted by lukaszm on Thu, 03/24/2022 - 15:00
It is not the clothes that make the man, but a professional and comfortable outfit that can significantly help to achieve a satisfying result. You can now order the Gran Fondo Series competition jersey and shorts to complete the set.

Our partner Martombike, who prepared for all the participants of cycling races in Gdynia and Poznań professional jerseys, now offers also shorts.

The Gran Fondo Series shorts are the most professional model of cycling shorts on suspenders with an insert. Made of Shield material, which is woven in a denser weave technology, increasing aerodynamics.

The shorts have flatlock seams. The suspenders are made of elastic and very pleasant to the touch mesh. Cut prevents slipping during the hardest workouts and races.

Martombike PowerPace 2.0 - the latest insole made of high quality materials with antimicrobial coating, is elastic and provides breathability. It was designed to provide comfort even during long and intense stages.

The lower part of the legs has been finished with a non-slip material that prevents the shorts from pulling up, while not compressing the thigh and perfectly ventilating the contact area with the body. The finish of the shorts has the same texture as the T-shirt from the starter pack.

Together with the jersey from the starter pack, the shorts make an amazing cycling outfit!

The purchased shorts can be collected together with the participation package in the Competition Office, before the event. On the other hand, if you have purchased the "Home delivery of the starter package" option, the shorts will be sent together with the starter package.

The shorts can be ordered when registering for the Gran Fondo Series on or can be ordered after the registration by logging into your account on

Size chart and more information can be found HERE.





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