We will choose the best mountain biker and sprinter!

Submitted by lukaszm on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 15:07
A new feature of this year's Gran Fondo Series will be special prizes for distinguished riders. During the competition on the Kashubian hills we will choose the best mountain climber, and the fast and flat route in Wielkopolska will allow us to award the best sprinter.

For the first time in the history of the Gran Fondo Gdynia races, a mountain classification will be introduced. Thanks to that, the best "climber", that is a cyclist who specializes in climbing steep slopes, will be determined. There will be 6 climbs prepared along the whole route. Depending on the difficulty of the climb, the climbs are divided into categories. The lower the number of categories, the more difficult the bonus. The number of points to be won and the number of competitors scoring depends on the category of the bonus.

The climbs in the Gran Fondo Gdynia:

1. at km 33 - length of the climb 4.9 km - 111 m of ascent - category 2

2. at the 43th kilometer - length of the climb 2.8 km - 75 m of ascent - category 2

3. at the 58th km - climbing distance 2,1 km - 130 m ascent - category 1

4. at the 86th km - climbing distance of 4,9 km - 111 m ascent - category 2

5. at km 95 - climbing distance 2,8 km - 75 m ascent - category 2

6. at km 111 - length of climb 2,1 km - 130 m of ascent - category 1

The mountain primes in the Gran Fondo distance include almost 20 km of climbs, with the total difference in elevation of almost 650 m. And these are not the only climbs. In total, there is 1000 m of elevation gain over the entire distance of almost 138 kilometers.

The rider who collects the highest number of points will win the mountains classification, will be awarded the title of the best "mountain climber" of the Gran Fondo Gdynia and will be given a special, characteristic jersey with polka dots.

The fast and flat course of the Gran Fondo Poznań race is ideal to pick out the best sprinter, that is why in this year's edition of the competition we want to additionally reward the fastest rider. The so-called flying primes will help us to do that. These are designated places along the route of the cycling race, in its flat, fast part, where the first riders score points.

In the Gran Fondo Poznań race there will be three flying primes. The first flying bonus will be at the 18 kilometer mark, the second at the 62 kilometer mark, and the third at the 76 kilometer mark. The best sprinter will be awarded with a special green jersey.

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