The Gran Fondo Series is back! We will race again in Gdynia and Poznań.

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Gdynia and Poznań will host cycling races again! Safe routes, a professional jersey in the starting kit and a cycling site are just a few of the advantages of the Gran Fondo Series competition. There are also discounts for participants of last year's editions.

The first Gran Fondo Gdynia competition was held in 2018. The debut edition attracted over 300 cyclists to the start, who were choosing between two picturesque routes leading through Kashubia. A year later, the attendance almost quadrupled! The peloton of cyclists in characteristic jerseys numbered almost 1,200 people. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to organize the competition in 2020, for which over 1,800 cyclists were already registered. In 2021, the competition returned with redoubled strength as a series of two races: in Gdynia and Poznań.

Gran Fondo Series 2022!

Two races will be held again this year under the Gran Fondo Series umbrella:

  • Gran Fondo Gdynia – May 15, 2022;
  • Gran Fondo Poznań – July 3, 2022.

In both cases, competitors will be able to choose between two main distances: Gran Fondo: 124 km (Gdynia), 111 km (Poznań) and Medio Fondo: 82 km (Gdynia), 65 km (Poznań).

The key distinguishing features of the event will remain unchanged:

  • A rich starter package with a Gran Fondo Series jersey and a commemorative medal. A novelty here will be the possibility to choose a premium package with a professional jersey - the one that can be found in professional cyclists racing in the Pro Tour.
  • Maximum driving comfort and safety thanks to completely pedestrianized race tracks.
  • Attractive routes and locations for both races - a hilly route around Gdynia and a flat, typical sprint race in Poznań, which this time will end at the Poznań International Fair.

A race for all families!

In this year's edition of the competition, whole families will again get the chance to start at a distance suitable for the everyone, i.e. Gran Fondo Family. These are races on a route with a length of 30 km. In this way, the Gran Fondo Series encourages beginner cyclists and whole families to start. As in previous years, the program of the competition will also include very short races for the youngest, i.e. Gran Fondo Kids.

A special offer for athletes from 2021

The organizers also prepared special vouchers for competitors, who took part in the Gran Fondo Series 2021. Each cyclist who competed on the Gran Fondo or Medio Fondo distance will receive a special discount voucher for PLN 50, entitling them to a discount during registration for any of this year's Gran Fondo Series competitions. Special codes for registration, enabling the use of a voucher, will be provided to last year's competitors by e-mail.

Gran Fondo Winter Edition

In preparation for the competition in the Gran Fondo Series, each registered participant will receive a free right to start in the winter, virtual edition of the competition. It will be a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the routes of Gdynia and Poznań. The competition will have a form of 3-day (3-stage) race taking place on digitized tracks in the Kinomap app:

  • Gran Fondo Winter Edition Gdynia – February 21-23 (registration on February 7)
  • Gran Fondo Winter Edition Poznań – March 21-23 (registration February 14)

The start in the winter edition is free for participants of the Gran Fondo Series 2022. Additionally, you will be able to buy a medal and a Gran Fondo Winter Edition T-shirt (long sleeve).

People who are not registered for the Gran Fondo Series 2022 can also take part in the virtual competition. The entry fee for one of the 3-day races is PLN 50. The Gran Fondo Winter Edition commemorative medal is already included in this price.

Registration for the Gran Fondo Gdynia 2022 competition will start on February 1, 2022 at the portal. Registration for the Poznań race will be launched at a later date.





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